What is The Happy World Tour?

T H W T is a follow up to previous projects Calle Wollgård completed, the third in succession.
Calle has now gathered a new team consisting of himself, Eva Eriksson and Lovisa Håkansson.
Together they will cycle the world for the benefit Happy Child Foundation.

The start will take place at the orphanage of Muang Mai , Phuket in southern Thailand the first of October 2016. 
This will also be the site where the team will finish the journey about one year later. This after cycling 30 000 km, crossing 27 countries and four continents.

The purpose of this project is multiple. The trip will mean a new fundraise to the orphanage where the goal is to raise at least a year’s expenses for the orphanage (about 1.2 million sek).

In 2014 Calle and three friends performed a similar adventure as they cycled from Sweden to the orphanage in Thailand. During this journey they never ran into a single person who wanted to hurt them, quite the opposite. Thanks to this amazing experience they now believe that the world and its people for the most part is of good kind. 
A second purpose and a common thread of this trip will therefore be to show this to the public. Now days the media society has the ability to mostly report on everything sad that happens in the world, the team believe it is more important than ever to show the opposite, that our planet, after all, is a very kind and pleasant place to be at.

Cycling, that most people know is a very environmentally friendly, healthy and not the least pleasant way to get around, we wish to raise the interest of the Swedish as well as international population regarding the use of the bicycle as a means of transport.

On the website you will find all the information you need about the project.

Here you will also find information about previous projects, contact information, information about the orphanage and how to become a part of the fundraise.

Best way to keep yourself updated on what’s happening both before and during the trip is to read our blog and follow the us through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter

Do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.