The famous Swedish actor Kjell Bergqvist has gladly accepted the ambassador role for The Happy World Tour. Kjelle, as we are used to call him, has a long carrier of roles in Swedish film and TV productions combined with a passionate commitment to social issues as well in Sweden as abroad.

In his second “home country” Thailand, he has become something of a hero when he has supported the orphanage in Muang Mai since start. 
But there is more. Along with his wife Karin, he has now started a free swimming school for Thai children.

Last fall, when the refugee situation was at its worst, Kjelle was standing tireless at the central stations of Gothenburg and Stockholm to make life a little bit brighter and better for hundreds of people.

Calle showed in 2014 how to put focus on children through its cycling and fundraise from Sweden to Thailand in a delightful and honestly way. Now I want to deepen my relationship with the new team and accomplish great things together, says Kjelle.

The Happy World Tour will put focus on people’s kindness, generosity, warmth and generosity during the whole trip, there is in our eyes no person fitting better into these words than our own ambassador Kjelle Bergqvist.

Rumor also says Kjelle sometime in late 2015 cycled about 20 km in the countryside of Thailand in some sort of tribute to the country’s king.
In other words; he knows exactly what the group has to face when they now will cycle the world!