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The journey will start at the orphanage in the village of Muang Mai, Phuket in Thailand.

Pretty soon we leave the biggest island of Thailand to continue the journey in a southeasterly direction with the target set to neighboring country Malaysia.

Malaysia will be passed relatively quickly, as well as Southeast Asia’s smallest country, Singapore.
Once in Singapore, which is best described as a mix of Duckburg and the computer game Sim City, we will jump on a plane that takes us to Indonesia, and more specifically its capital city of Jakarta. From here, the journey continues about 1 000 km until we reached Bali.

From Bali we will take a flight to Darwin, Australia. From the northernmost city of Darwin we now begin the journey through this gigantic country. With Australia in front of us means nearly 5 000 km and 2 months on our bikes until we reach Sydney.

Once in Sydney, we will get ourselves and our equipment on a flight again. A flight that will take us a few hours east to Queenstown, New Zealand. A magical stretch from south to north will now lead us all the way up to Auckland, located on the northern island. After enjoyed this beautiful country, we now looking forward for America. A twelve hour flight will bring us to Los Angeles.

The US means more than 4 500 km and is the third largest country on our journey.
After having spent a couple of months in the saddle we finally reach the streets of New York.

This world metropolis means a few days of holiday and tourism before we leave the city. This will be the last time we use an airplane. The flight takes us to the capital of Portugal, in other words Lisbon. We now begin the journey through a Europe that will offer incredibly beautiful views in the forms of mountains, seas and deep valleys.

The countries we will pass:

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain
  3. France
  4. Monaco
  5. Italy
  6. Switzerland
  7. Back to Italy
  8. Slovenia
  9. Croatia
  10. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  11. Montenegro
  12. Albania
  13. Greece
  14. Turkey

Turkey’s roads lead us out of Europe and on to Central Asia, where Iran with its incredibly hospitable people is waiting.

Hopefully some old acquaintances from previous trip will meat up before it’s time to leave the country for a desert race through Turkmenistan.
As a tourist can only get a transit visa issued we will only have five days to get to the next border. The border is about 500 km away which means there is not much time for other things than just cycling. After struggling through these kilometers in dusty, bumpy roads, we say hello to a slightly cooler Uzbekistan.

From here, we set target eastward toward Tajikistan where Pamir Highway is waiting. Pamir Highway is one of the world’s highest located roads. Here we have to climb surrounded with spectacular views where we will end up at around 5 000 meters above sea level. After this great experience we will spend a couple of days in Kyrgyzstan before passing the next border.
It is now time to go on further into the very big country of China.
The road through China covers almost 5 500 km and is the largest country of the journey.
Here, lot of small villages will be passed while huge citys also will have a visit from time to time.

After China Laos stand in line for a visit. A visit which means 220 km cycling from the border with China to the border of the last (and first) country of the trip, Thailand.
Thailand will hopefully become an easy transport route of 1 800 km with a constant smile on our faces.
The journey begins in the northern province of Chiang Rai and ends a couple of weeks later at the orphanage of Muang Mai Phuket, where it all once started.

So here is the idea of the route. Obviously there is room for changes as well before and also during the journey. But this is still the basic route to follow.