Team leader and involved in the orphanage since 8 years back, promoter of previous projects such as Happy Walk 2011 and Happy Tour 2014. Extremely happy of the decision to make this new challenge to the biggest so far as we now will cycle the world in the timeframe of 1 year with everything that comes.

I am also very thrilled to make the fundraise to the Orphanage Muang Mai, that has become more of a family to me. The aim is to make it as big as possible and to do this together with Lovisa and Eva feels more than great!

I have been working in an office for one year now. During this year, I have realized that what I need right now is more movement than an adjustable desk. I am a person who cannot sit still. I am always looking for something more, or something bigger. I often think that I was lucky being born in the small village called Degerfors, as I, thanks to that, until now have been able to grow in Sweden – from Degerfors to Örebro and from Örebro to Stockholm. It is now time for something even bigger.

When Calle asked me if I wanted to cycle around the world with him, I was excited straight away. I became less excited when my parents pointed out that I cannot even fix a broken bike myself. I thought “What do you know about that?! No one has ever seen me do it.” Calle calmed me down though and assured me that I (without a doubt) will learn to fix my bike during the trip.

This will be the adventure of my life. The knowledge that I at the same time get the chance to contribute to a better life for the children at the orphanage makes it even better. People ask me if I know what I have gotten myself into. Of course I don’t, but it will be fun!

25 years old from a small town called Karlskoga, Sweden. I grew up on a farm outside of Karlskoga. I have lived in other countries and traveled a lot throughout my life and learnt things that is impossible to learn at school.

I will soon get my bachelor degree in International Business from Umeå University, I have a job lined up, family, friends and a comfortable life. People have been asking me what I am going to do with my life, am I not going to find a job or do my master? I have always had high goals throughout my life and I do have plans for the future. Right now, I want to get out of the routine and comfort zone and be aware of everyday I am alive.

I thought Calle’s idea was brilliant, to combine traveling on a bike without making large footprints on our planet and at the same time support the orphanage. Other reasons for joining the craziest adventure of my life are many. I like to push myself to my physical limits, it makes me more aware and I really get to feel what I am made of. I am sure that an adventure like this will lead to something even better for the future. We will spend hours on our bikes, meaning a lot of meditative time which will help us focus on what really counts in life. The life at home will always wait us.