A busy but wonderful day!

August 25, 2016


As previous post said, yesterday was a great one picking out our new, fresh bicycles.

But the day did not stop there, it had just begun.

The afternoon offered a packed schedule where we started to once again visit the Royal Thai Embassy where the ambassador himself was waiting along with our friends at Thai Airways and TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand).
A nice meeting where we discussed the arrangement for our departure to Thailand on 24th September.
Obviously we put a major focus for the talks but we also hade the time to create as many wonderful photos as possible in the shortest time possible.

From the embassy, we jumped up on our bikes and took of to the Grand Hotel.

Once at the Grand Hotel we were participating at the event “An Evening for Happy Child,” where we were invited as guests on stage.
An Evening for Happy Child is an annual event that involves a variety of wonderful people who get the opportunity to meet each other and at the same time help the kids at the orphanage in Thailand to have a brighter future when the evening at the same time has the purpose to raise money.


Before the evening was over, we had s quick photo session with the bike magazine Bicycle.se.

Hectic but wonderful!


Thank you to everyone who contributed to a lovely evening in the name of love.