To begin with, thank you for getting here! Are you a person, family, company or perhaps an organization who feel that you would like to help the children at the orphanage in Muang Mai to a brighter future?

There are several ways to contribute to the fundraise during our trip:

  • Use Paypal
  • Use Account number 761 240 888, BIC: HANDSESS or IBAN: SE02 6000 0000 0007 6124 0888,
  • Swish (for Swedish donors)  money to Happy Childs number: 1230591578.
    Mark your deposit with your name and “The Happy World Tour”.

You can also donate a free amount for every 10 km the team are cycling, proceed as follows:

  1. Send an email to where you state your name (person/family
 name, company name, organization name, etc.), how much you want to donate for each
 mil (1 mil = 10 km) The Happy World Tour cycles and what email address we can get back to you.
  2. Lean back and enjoy the ride (you can follow it best through the blog on this site) that
 will take us all around the world.
  3. When we reached our destination, you will receive an email where we confirm that we
 have arrived and it’s time to pay the money you have committed to donate.
  4. Make your deposit to Happy Childs Pay Pal account
    You can also make your deposit to:
    BIC: HANDSESS or IBAN: SE02 6000 0000 0007 6124 0888,
    Account number: 761 240 888

Mark your deposit with the name you indicated in the first email and with the text “The Happy World Tour”.

Our goal and hope is obvious to cycle the 3 000 mil (30 000 km) stretch around the world. If everyone in the group for some reason are forced to quit in advance, it then becomes the distance we’ve cycled that you multiply with the amount you have committed to donate per mil.

However, it requires only that one of us makes it all the way around the world to count as we have passed the total distance of 3 000 mil (30 000 km).

Find out more about the Happy Child Foundation

Find out more about the orphanage