August 03, 2016


Will the participants in The Happy World Tour wear a helmet?
Obviously, the answer is yes.
But not the ordinary kind of helmet should be added.

During the trip, the team will use the Swedish Air Bag – helmet Hovding, who is now a part of the project.
Hovding is bot that ordinary helmet that is located on top of your head but instead works as a collar around the neck.
Inside the collar there are censors that detect movements and should a crash occur, it is dissolved out faster than Lucky Luke draws his guns and then protects the team’s three heads and its content three times better than a regular helmet.
How it works? Click here to find out.

We want to thank Hovding to believe in our project and to have the opportunity to bring your helmet out into the wide world.


The team together with Anna – Katarina Skoogh from Hovding.


Maybe a future customer…?


Lovisa as a Hovding – model (Calle has to work on his selfie – face).