August 24, 2016


If you gonna cycle the world, one good thing to bring for the trip is a bicycle.

That’s why The Happy World Tour with great joy and gratitude can present our bike sponsor for the adventure;
RideAway is the name of the store and you can find it at Riddargatan 29 in Stockholm.
Here you will also find fast racing bikes, MTB – models, and the latest trend in the cycle jungle, the ebike.

Fantastic, wonderful Michael Andersson at RideAway – Stockholm has provided the team, each with one mountain bike model Haibike Big Curve 9.70. Three bikes that will be picking up the primordial force in itself and really show what they are made of when we, for example, climbing up the gravel roads in Tajikistans mountains.

After having pinched and touched the gear during the afternoon it feels in advance that it will do the job and much more.

Thanks again Michael!

Now we’ll just figure it out three names on our new family members…


From left: Eva, Lovisa, Michael & Calle