The day has come!

September 30, 2016

And here we are, at this point we are 15 hours (!) from the start of our around the world – cycling.
We have talked, nagged, planned and considered for hours, days, weeks, which later turned into months from the time we decided to implement this.
Last Sunday we left Sweden for the southeast Asia and our honeymoon in Thailand is over after a magical dinner with Thai Airways Cycling Club and the TAT Phuket.
We have filled our bodies with food from the sea, air and earth for nearly a week, and in all honesty, it probably not possible to add more without risking a crack or two.
This is of course much needed energy for especially our legs though they will do most of the workout ahead.
But it’s still nothing compared to the power that filled our minds and hearts recent days.
We knew thanks to the 2014 adventure that the world, and not least, Thailand, is filled with friendly, warm people. Now for almost a week we got to experience this every day in different ways by the people we have had the honor to meet, as well at Arlanda airport on departure, in Bangkok from the second we got off the plane to the days we spent in Phuket waiting to start out this symbolizes and sums up in an amazing way what all this is really about, in other words that the world (with a few exceptions) is actually a very kind and nice place to be at.
This is something we shall never forget and therefore we will nag and be pointing on this fact for the up coming year. And who knows, maybe there is one person out there through our nagging actually choose to follow our faith and beliefs.
In that case, it would mean one person more than before we started this what one might call “a longer cycling holiday”.
It would mean that we in the group will be satisfied at the same time, of course, it would be nice if more than one person would choose to follow our line.

Speaking about a line; tomorrow at 1 pm, we along with 10 people from Thai Airways Cycle Club will transform into a long line since the start then takes place from the orphanage in Muang Mai, Phuket around that time.
A line, a team that begins with leaving the island and province of Phuket to take us to the neighbor Phang – Nga, about 60 km away.
A soft start can seem but then we are relatively close to the equator the sun has this habit to vanish just before 7 pm and the pitch-black night is inevitable. Darkness is something we pretty much will try to avoid cycling. Something, however, we will be cycling in more than once is the rain. And the rain is something we have been experienced quite a lot during our days on this site. I we get to meet Mr monsoon rain usually shelter under a roof is to recommend, even as cyclist who cycling around the world.
Because of these factors 60 km feels reasonable when we thus starts slightly later than what we will do in the future in our journey towards the horizon.
The reason for the slightly late start is very positive though. The orphanage of Muang Mai has over recent years undergone a total refurbishment and is now completeed and appropriately be celebrated also tomorrow, Saturday.
Twelve years in Thai climate for a building that was thrown up in haste after the tsunami’s terrible rampage has left its mark, and no building on earth deserves a renewal more than this place.
And now it’s finished! Amazing and at the same time fun to place our cycling in this context.

Thats it for now.
Sleep will apparently be good, especially when you got the idea to cycle about 30 000 km over the past year.
For those of you holding a Facebook – account and who are early risers we promise several live broadcasts from the start tomorrow, this through our site The Happy World Tour.

Also this post will be updated with photos.

See you again soon.