The orphanage in Muang Mai was built in the beginning 2005 after the tsunami dragged across Phuket’s west coast. The aim then was to help children and families who lost almost everything in the disaster. Eventually these people could move out to relatives and friends, but it soon turned out that the orphanage still was needed when the cry for help was huge even from people who were not affected by the tsunami. The majority of these people come from the poorest provinces in northeastern Thailand.

At the orphanage we find mangers Sussie Janson and Hans Forssell. They have since the spring of 2005 worked at the orphanage and together with Thai staff and volunteers they make sure that the children have a safe and stable lives with lots of love, playtime and mischief.

Calle has worked as a volunteer at the orphanage in Muang Mai on two occasions. Thanks to this he has got a very good insight into the work and how the money being raised is used. 
One of many important uses include the cost of school. In Thailand, it is not obvious for a child to have the opportunity to go to school. Thanks to the orphanage, the children now got the opportunity to an education and thus a brighter future.

Happy Child Foundation accounts for a large part of the running of the orphanage.
It is for the benefit of this foundation The Happy World Tour raise money.

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